Referral Management

Whether a call center, PCP, discharge staff or specialist, MyHealthDirect enables real time referrals to close gaps in care through a digital network. Scheduling into disparate systems online reduces outward migration, improves staff efficiency and facilitates two-way communication for patient records and show status. MyHealthDirect fosters collaboration between multiple constituents so patients can easily access the right provider at the best time.

Online Scheduling

MyHealthDirect helps unlock the full potential of online consumer scheduling – empowering patients to self-schedule care at their convenience, gain market share through new patient acquisition and eliminate time intensive tasks for staff. By integrating all open calendar appointments into a single view, organizations can optimize physician capacity and increase patient retention. With intelligent rules and guided search, MyHealthDirect delivers a sophisticated cloud solution with the comprehensive benefits of online appointment scheduling without having to log into a portal.

Actionable Analytics

The ability to see all scheduling data in one place helps organizations drive operations, control costs, hold staff accountable and improve the health of patients. With our patient flow interface, users can identify sub-optimal referral patterns and re-route to different providers within the network. The ability to view show rates in aggregate and over time allows you to guard against no shows. Real time capacity metrics help identify opportunities to increase utilization, reduce bottle necks and benchmark at the organization, facility and physician level.

Decision Support

MyHealthDirect helps organizations manage business rules to automate provider’s and facilities’ needs for scheduling. Our guided search automation leads a patient to the right provider for the care they need. By automating the referral coordinator’s scheduling workflow, you can support any scheduling scenario and automate appointment specific pre-registration information. The ability to implement decision making criteria based on your content establishes standard protocols and ensures best practices are followed. Clinicians and business leaders are able to collaborate and coordinate care with a visual tool in minutes.

Workflow Management

MyHealthDirect provides internal controls which reduce risk, increase compliance, and gain competitive advantages by reducing work cycles that improve the patient experience. With our automated workflow processes, organizations can improve patient experience, staff satisfaction, and operational efficiency across the enterprise. We help organizations track and manage the referral process from start to completion.

Rapid Implementation

Unlike many SaaS solutions, MyHealthDirect’s platform can be implemented in a matter of weeks – without an integration. Our service delivers a powerful solution that is easy to use, suits your workflow needs, and aligns with your strategic requirements. Through HiTrust certification and modern technical compatibilities (including IE11 and Edge), MyHealthDirect can also integrate with all major EHR standards so patient records can be updated seamlessly and securely in real time.