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Digital care coordination solutions that improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and financial results

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  • Improving Patient Access

    Improving Patient Access Overview
  • Accelerating Call Center Operations

    Heritage Medical Associates
  • Better Care Coordination Through Collaboration

    Milwaukee Health Care Partnership
  • Growing Volume with Self-Scheduling

    Iowa Clinic

Referral Coordination

Coordinate care by consolidating referral activities into a single platform with real-time scheduling.

“We found that patients who attended follow-up appointments scheduled through MyHealthDirect had a 44% reduction in subsequent visits to Milwaukee emergency departments in the next 6 months.”

- Greg Stadter, Program Director
Milwaukee Health Care Partnership

Intelligent Scheduling

Automate scheduling workflows with business rules and enable guided searches for greater efficiency, ease of use, and convenience.

“We were able to simplify complex scheduling rules across specialities so that patients are scheduled with the right provider.”

- Randy Johnson, CFO
Midwest Orthopedics at Rush

Patient Engagement

Escalate patient acquisition and follow through by creating new access channels, supporting consumer demand for convenience, delivering timely access to care, and optimizing provider capacity.

“MyHealthDirect makes it possible for new and existing patients to access our services online at any time.”

- Carly Rhea, Treatment Coordinator
Devine Dentistry

Actionable Analytics

Optimize physician capacity, reduce no-shows, manage referral behavior patterns and decrease lead times with MyHealthDirect's real-time dashboards and consultative data science team.

“We now have realtime access to information that allows us to change behavior. Our referral coordinators can help ensure more timely access to care for patients.”

- Sigal Dor, Senior Director (BKI)