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If it’s easier to solve a Rubik’s cube than schedule an appointment, talk to us.
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The right care, at the right time and the right place.

MyHealthDirect makes scheduling quick and easy while helping patients get the quality care they need.

Our cloud-based system quickly scans availability based on your pre-set business rules to set a time that works for everyone. It even sends reminders so patients keep their appointments. And that’s good for everyone. Read more »

Why choose MyHealthDirect?

orange-logoYou set rules for calendar efficiency, we customize rules to your workflow.

orange-logoMakes patients’ lives easier.

orange-logoFrees your staff to do more important work.

orange-logoCloud-based system can be used by any staff on any device.

orange-logoCustomizable design lets you promote your brand.

orange-logoProven track record.

Easy to use, works
on any platform

Our intuitive, cloud-based system can be used by any staff, anywhere, on any device - computer, tablet or smart phone.