Bridging the Gap between Patients and Providers

Our enterprise solution makes it easy for people to get the care they need, optimizes capacity for healthcare providers, and improves the scheduling experience for all.

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Our Solutions

MyHeathDirect’s cloud-based consumer and referral solutions allow real-time integration with any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Practice Management Solution (PMS). Referral coordinators, call center agents, care coordinators, consumers, and many more enjoy the seamless integration of MyHealthDirect’s solutions. Making it easy to schedule appointments improves patient satisfaction, care coordination, outcomes, and allows practices to grow. It’s a win-win-win for consumers, payers and providers.

Why Choose My Health Direct?

MyHealthDirect has a proven track record of delivering value for some of the nation's largest health plans and health systems. Healthcare is complicated, and one-size-fits all technology is not the way to guarantee a lasting process change. Whether it's consumer self-scheduling, referral coordination or discharge planning, MyHealthDirect’s innovative technology will deliver your desired outcome.

  • Provider Adoption

    With a better than 90% success rate in recruiting providers, MyHealthDirect’s rapid deployment method ensures a real-time digitally connected network.

  • HITRUST Certified

    MyHealthDirect’s HITRUST certification provides the highest level of cyber security, fast-tracking your security review process.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Insights into referral patterns, patient acquisition and provider utilization that results in data driven actions to increase value.

  • Right Patient, Right Provider

    MyHealthDirect’s sophisticated integration with EMRs ensures an optimal patient provider match, getting the patient to the right provider at the right time and in the best appointment slot.

  • Scalability

    MyHealthDirect’s consumer and referral solutions have been used by some of the nation’s largest payers and providers, improving the consumer experience, outcomes, and optimization of capacity.

  • Brand Building

    With the goal of building your brand, MyHealthDirect’s solutions fit seamlessly into your company’s existing identity, allowing reliable outcomes and optimal patient experiences to become recognized staples of your brand.

Customer Success

“Of all of the referral solutions we have tried, MyHealthDirect has been the most seamless and effective for our practice. They have solved the complex problem of aligning the hospital discharge workflow to our scheduling process by implementing an easy to use solution. As a result of patients receiving confirmed appointments upon discharge, we have seen a decreased number of readmissions – it is a true win-win-win for the hospital, our practice and most importantly the patients.” Kyle Matthews, CEO of Cardiovascular Associates of Mesa (CVAM)